Reliance FM and Heriot Watt University, Dubai have signed up an alliance in the field of Facilities Management Training in Middle East, Asia and Africa. There has been a large gap on training in these regions, which will be catered by this alliance.

FM Foundation Course

  • Definition and Basic Concepts
  • Evolution across the globe
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Service Delivery
  • Technology
  • processes
  • Relationship Management

FM Service Procurement and Provision.

  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Sourcing Models (In house or Outsource)
  • Procurement Cycle
  • Relationship Management
  • TQM in FM
  • Risk Management
  • Knowledge Management

Asset Maintenance Management.

  • AMM Concept
  • Maintenance Dimensions
  • Maintenance Codes, Standards and Guides
  • Facilities Dependability (Life Cycle Costing)
  • Maintenance Organizations
  • Maintenance Projects
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Maintenance Information

Space Management.

  • Impact of Space on Productivity
  • Measurement of Space and Space Standards
  • Space Budget, Acquisition and Disposal Strategy
  • Creating Adaptable Space
  • Space Planning Techniques
  • Integrating Space, Technology and Time.


  • What is Sustainability
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Environment Management Systems
  • BREEAM ( Building Research Environmental Assessment Method)
  • Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management

FM at the Design Stage

  • MEP Design Review
  • Finishes and Operational Implication Review
  • Fire and Life Systems Review
  • Security and Soft Services Review
  • Space Analysis and Occupant Efficiency