Facility Management

Facilities Management principles help to ensure that all physical assets within a defined purview are operating at an optimal level. It integrates, people, process and Technology to enhance Service levels, maximize your investment and cater to the changing needs of the client.

  • Cleaning

    Cleaning services are provided of the highest international standards and specifications. Reliance Facilities Management will appoint a cleaning company to carry out housekeeping and will enforce the best housekeeping practices anywhere in the world. A comprehensive cleaning schedule for the entire development we manage showing items to be attended to daily, weekly, monthly, etc; and impose strict supervision on a daily basis of the successful contractor will be prepared

  • Pest Control

    Periodical pest control measures including general disinfestations would be adopted for flying insects as well as rodents. Reliance Facilities management has strict quality controls and ensures that only eco-friendly and bio-degradable chemicals are used.

  • Landscaping

    All landscaping maintenance and upkeep would be carried out to exacting standards utilizing original designer?s specifications and briefs. We offer indoor & and outdoor plants maintenance, and garden & landscape maintenance.

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    Waste Management

    All solid waste coming out of buildings has to be collected and disposed off at the municipality defined designated areas, RFM ensures that they assign this collection to an authorized waste collection company and maintains the process to ensure environment friendly disposal.

    In few regions, where there is no central collection sewage system for liquid waste, RFM puts in a process to locally collect the waste and dispose it off through their specialized vendors.