Facilities Management

Facilities Management principles help to ensure that all physical assets within a defined purview are operating at an optimal level. It integrates, people, process and Technology to enhance Service levels, maximize your investment and cater to the changing needs of the client.

  • Safety & Security

    Both these services go hand in hand and are not exclusive from each other. We initiate and implement a suitable security program for the building, employ a competent security team, monitor its performance and ensure well trained personnel of a suitable caliber are available at all times.

  • Insurance Management

    Reliance Facilities Management has a vast knowledge of insurance policies and benchmarking available in the global market and advises its clients accordingly to safeguard its valuable assets.

  • Disaster Management

    Reliance Facilities Management has formulated action plans and fixed procedures to be followed in the event of unforeseen disasters. These include evacuation plans for fire, bomb threats, accidents, etc.

  • Reserve Fund/Sinking Fund

    We undertake detailed surveys and life expectancy analysis for items requiring periodic expenditure on maintenance and set up and administer a reserve fund account to allow for these items in accordance with the owning body's procedures.