Facilities Management

Facilities Management principles help to ensure that all physical assets within a defined purview are operating at an optimal level. It integrates, people, process and Technology to enhance Service levels, maximize your investment and cater to the changing needs of the client.

  • Tennant-Owner Relations

    Managing effectively the Building?s occupiers contributes in large part towards creating a successful development. Occupiers require their environment to be clean, safe, and convenient and attractive. We foster and maintain good and close relations with tenants to ensure continued satisfaction.

  • Parking Management

    Reliance Facilities Management has a systemized and scientific approach to parking management that ensures optimized usage of parking space based on usage and maximizing space usage. We identify specialized parking management companies and monitor their performance with our ISO certified systems.

  • Planning and Budgeting

    Reliance Facilities Management would assist the Clients/Landlords by preparing annual budget forecasts of management expenses, for approval by the client to ensure that there are no unexpected outgoings for the property which also serve as a cross check to service payment requests.

  • Mail Management

    To ensure security of data and accurate logistics, Reliance facilities management has tailor-made mail management solutions to ensure efficient handling of an organization?s couriers and mail.

  • Catering Management

    Catering management not only looks into the daily management of the canteen and pantry facilities but also ensures that the quality of the food and the operations comply with the organization?s environmental, health and safety policies. We manage this through specialized catering vendors.

  • Contract Management

    Reliance Facilities Management is able to leverage discounts on both business and personal products and services, whether this is cleaning services, security provision, mechanical and electrical services or travel arrangements. These products are provided by vendors which have been carefully screened by the internal quality management team at Reliance Facilities Management for product quality and service excellence.

  • Front Office Management

    The front desk is the first point of contact of any organization. Reliance facilities management has set standards for telephone answering and visitor handling. Front office services are provided keeping in mind the client?s corporate image and utmost importance is given to ensure that the staff manning the front desk are trained to project this image to the public whether by phone or in person.

  • Space Planning and Fit out Management

    Through the implementation of benchmarked standards Reliance Facilities Management helps organizations optimize space utilization. Reliance has the capability to assist corporations in renovation of their facilities and providing consultancy to increase the usable space without having to invest in real estate.

  • Travel Management

    Reliance Facilities Management has systems and formats to support the travel needs of an organization. Whether the requirement is for air, sea or road transport, we ensure that accurate information is provided and travel requirements are met in the simplest of ways. We have a stringent procedure for short listing the agencies that would provide the travel requirements of an organization.

  • Inventory Management

    Reliance Facilities Management has systems in place to keep track of all materials utilized in an organization. This ensures that optimal levels of stock are maintained and also prevents misuse of materials. Inventory management monitors the organizations assets, stationary and all other materials.